Unknown Public: Talking Drums 12

Cardboard Box with 1 CD, 14 oversize cardboard cards, one postcard and poster

Publisher: Unknown Public Ltd.;Catalogue number:UP12

This is a compilation of recordings selected by percussionist Paul Clarvis who was the editor for this issue of the Unknown Public annual journal of selections of contemporary music combined with selected texts and essays.  It consists of previously released recordings compiled from the artists' original release record labels. In the case of Erkki-Sven Tüür, the composition Architectonics III has been extracted from the recording Architectonics and the original recording details are identical to those on that CD's page. 

Composition by Erkki-Sven Tüür

Track 6. Architectonics III "Postmetaminimal Dream" (1990) (for flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, two pianos, synthesizer, percussion for two players, violin and cello) 6:28 (extract from the complete recording which is 9:06)

NYYD Ensemble / Olari Elts [members of the NYYD Ensemble at the time (March 1996) of this recording were: Mihkel Peäske, flute, alto flute / Andres Siitan, oboe / Tarmo Pajusaar, clarinet / Meelis Vind, clarinet, bass clarinet / Virgo Veldi, baritone sax / Tarmo Velmet, bassoon / Kalle Koppel, French horn / Madis Metsamart, percussion / Kristjan Mäeots, percussion / Jana Peäske, piano, synthesizer / Siim Poll, synthesizer / Ain Varts, electric guitar / Maano Männi, violin / Merje Hallik, violin / Mall Help, viola / Leho Karin, cello / Olari Elts, conductor]

Other artist's recordings on this compilation

A listing of the 13 other track details would be quite long and beyond the scope of this website. If anyone wishes to know further track details, they can examine the listing available at the Unknown Public website here.

Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards

Architectonics III was commissioned by the California E.A.R. Unit and was premiered by them on April 23, 1991 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Music Publishers

All of the Architectonics I-VII (1984-1992) series are published by Fennica Gehrman, Finland (previously Warner/Chappell Music, Finland and Edition Fazer, Finland) and sales enquiries should be made through Sulasol, Finland via email to sales@sulasol.fi.

Other information and Links of interest

Each of the 14 enclosed cardboard cards contain notes on 1 of the 14 tracks selected for this compilation. The notes for Architectonics III are edited from the material on the original recording of the complete Architectonics series by the NYYD Ensemble. For further information on the annual music journal Unknown Public, please see their website at http://www.unknownpublic.com/.