Peteris Vasks: Cantabile and other Baltic works for string orchestra Volume 2

Finlandia 4509-97893-2

Recorded at the Kokkola Conservatory Hall, Finland in May, 1994. Released in 1995.
Recording engineer: Bertil Alving; Recording Producer: Pekka Savijoki.

Compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür

Track 7. Insula Deserta (1989) 8:55

Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra / Juha Kangas

Other composer's works on this recording

Tracks 1.-3. Bronius Kutavicius: Northern Gates (1991) 16:53

Track 4. Peteris Vasks: Cantabile (1979) 8:54

Track 5. Jurgis Juozapaitis: Perpetuum Mobile (1988) 4:28

Track 6. Mindaugas Urbaitis: Lithuanian Folk Music (1990) 13:40

Tracks 8.-10. Antanas Rekasius: Music for Strings (1992) 11:14

All of the above recordings are by the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas

Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards

Insula Deserta was commissioned and premiered by the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra in 1989.

Music Publishers

Insula Deserta is published by M.P. Belaieff/C.F. Peters, Frankfurt

Other Points of Interest and Links

The liner notes are combined from original notes by Donatas Katkus and Harri Kuusisaari.

The cover of the CD shown above is from the 1st edition of this release. Finlandia reissued the disc two years later in a 2nd edition with a revised cover design which you can see here.