Sisemonoloog - Inner Monologue

PM CD 01

Recorded 1997-1998 at the Estonia Concert Hall and the Merchant Guild Hall in Tallinn, Estonia. Released in 1999.
Engineer: Priit Kuulberg; Producer: Peeter Malkov

Compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür

Track 4. Sisemonoloog / Inner Monologue (1986) 5:16

Peeter Malkov: flute

Track 5. Graafiline leht / Prints (1985) 8:00

Tatjana Lepnurm: harp; Peeter Malkov: flute

Track 6. Dick ja Toff imedemaal / Dick and Toff in Wonderland (1992) 6:06

Toomas Vavilov: bass clarinet; Peeter Malkov: flute

Other composer's works on this disc

Tracks 1.-3. Heino Eller: Three Pieces for flute and piano (1951-52) 7:43

Peeter Malkov: flute; Lille Randma: piano

Tracks 7.-10. Kuldar Sink: Suite nr. 1 for solo flute (1964) 7:41

Peeter Malkov: flute

Tracks 11.13. Eduard Tubin: Sonata for flute and piano (1979) 21:31

Peeter Malkov: flute; Lille Randma: piano

Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards

Inner Monologue was premiered on October 14, 1991 in Tallinn, Estonia by Peeter Malkov.

Prints was premiered on June 1, 1985 in Tallinn, Estonia by Raivo Peäske and Eda Rajasalu.

Dick and Toff in Wonderland was originally written for flute (Peeter Malkov) and tuba (Urmas Kõiv).

Music Publishers

Inner Monologue, Prints and Dick and Toff in Wonderland are published by Warner/Chappell Music Finland.

Other Points of Interest and Links

The CD liner notes are in Estonian and English and consist of brief biographical notes on the four composers and on Peeter Malkov. The author of the notes in unidentified.

This CD is not widely distributed outside of Estonia. Enquiries about its sale or distribution can be made from Peeter Malkov via e-mail.