Reinbert Evers: Drama - Baltic Music for Guitar

Ambitus Musikproduktion amb 96 802

Production and recording information is not provided on the covers or the booklet of this CD.
It is assumed to have been released in 2000.

Compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür

Track 1. Drama (for flute, violin and guitar) (1984) 12:18

Konrad Hünteler - flute, Midoro Goto - violin, Reinbert Evers - guitar.

Other composer's works on this recording

Tracks 2.-6. Jonas Tamulionis: Reversiones (for guitar) (1998) 13:41

Reinbert Evers - guitar.

Track 7. Vytautas Barkauskas: Due (for guitar and piano) (1997) 6:41

Reinbert Evers - guitar, Igina Mauzaite - piano.

Tracks 8.-10. René Eespere: Trivium (for flute, violin and guitar) (1993) 12:54

Konrad Hünteler - flute, Midori Goto - violin, Reinbert Evers - guitar.

Tracks 11.-13. Peteris Vasks: Die Sonate der Einsamkeit (1990) 13:50

Reinbert Evers - guitar.

Track 14. Osvaldas Balakauskas: Tristan (for guitar, flute and piano) (1998) 15:40

Reinbert Evers - guitar, Konrad Hünteler - flute, Igina Mauzaite - piano.

Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards

Further information about Drama is unknown.

Music Publishers

Drama is published by Eres Edition but is also distributed by C.F.Peters.

Other Points of Interest and Links

1. The CD liner notes are by Dr. Eberhard Hüppe.

2. See more information on Reinbert Evers.