Absolute/Kristjan Järvi: Fix

Enja Records ENJ-94492

Recorded live at Club Café, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on February 20, 2001

Engineering: Adam Ben-David at Figaro Music Studios; Live Audio Recording and Mix by Barney Lee and Tim Peter; Executive Producer: Kristjan Järvi; Producer: David Rozenblatt.

Works based on compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür

Track 2. Biosis 5:09 (based on the original work Symbiosis by Erkki-Sven Tüür)

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; additional tracks: Lew Soloff:trumpets, David Rozenblatt:percussion

Track 15. Biosis House Mix 7:16 (remix of Track 2. above)

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; Produced by Kristjan Järvi, David Rozenblatt, and Tian (for Blaze Beats). Recorded at the Lab, NYC. Lew Soloff:trumpets, David Rozenblatt:drums.

Other composer's works on this disc

Track 1. Absolute: Chorale 1:29 (based on Stravinsky's A Soldier's Tale)

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; additional tracks: Adam Ben-David:keyboard and creative effects, Mat Fieldes:electric bass, David Rozenblatt:cymbals. 

Track 3. Michael Daugherty: Dead Elvis 9:28

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; featuring Martin Kuuskmann:bassoon.

Track 4. Gene Prisker: Fix 8:23 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi

Track 5. Improv led by Mat Fieldes: Cracked Out 2:56 (based on Cracked Down by Mark-Anthony Turnage)

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; additional keyboard tracks:Adam Ben-David 

Track 6. Charles Coleman: Rut Strut 7:16 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi

Track 7. Compay Segundo: Chan Chan 4:21 (arranged by Charles Coleman & Absolute) 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; featuring Vesselin Gellev:violin. 

Track 8. Ray Noble: Cherokee 5:08 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi;

Track 9. Igor Stravinsky: Tango 2:37
Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; 

Track 10. Igor Stravinsky: Waltz 2:00

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; 

Track 11. Igor Stravinsky: Ragtime 2:13 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; 

Track 12. Igor Stravinsky: Triumphant March of the Devil 2:49

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi;  

Track 13. James Brown: Super Bad 3:36 (arranged by Gene Pritsker) 

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; 

Track 14. Cherokee Lounge Mix 6:08 (remix of Track 8. above)

Absolute / Kristjan Järvi; Produced by Kristjan Järvi, David Rozenblatt, and Tian (for Blaze Beats). Recorded at the Lab, NYC. Peter Epstein:alto sax; Mat Fieldes:electric bass; Tian Deseta:electric guitar; David Rozenblatt:congas & vocalizations.

Commissions, Dedications, Premieres and Awards

Erkki-Sven Tüür's Symbiosis was written for and was dedicated to Dutch violinist Helge Slaato and German double-bassist Frank Reinecke and was premiered by them on May 7, 1996 in Berlin, Germany.

Music Publishers

Erkki-Sven Tüür's Symbiosis is published by Edition Peters with catalogue number EP 8915.

Other Points of Interest and Links

The disc booklet contains brief comments in English from conductor Kristjan Järvi. The CD contains bonus material including a video track and promotional photographs of Absolute and conductor Kristjan Järvi which can be viewed via personal computer.

More information on the Absolute (previously known as the Absolute Ensemble) can be seen at their website www.absoluteensemble.com and information on the Enja record label can be seen at www.enjarecords.com 

If you have difficulty locating this disc in your local music store, it can also be ordered online from Amazon Germany and other European online music retailers.